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NatureWise Total Colon Care® Herbal Detox & Cleanse
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Total Colon Care® Herbal Detox & Cleanse helps clear the gastrointestinal tract of excess waste, bacteria, and other toxins while supporting the body’s ability to cleanse itself.

What’s Your Gut Telling You?

Promotes Healthy Detoxing

Supports Healthy Digestion

DRcaps for Targeted Delivery

Promotes Healthy Detoxing
Supports Healthy Digestion
DRcaps for Targeted Delivery

NatureWise Total Colon Care Herbal Cleanse & Detox is a premium blend of herbs and fiber formulated to gently cleanse the bowels and promote a healthy gut environment for improved digestion, detoxification, and elimination. The herbs and fiber work together to purge and detox the colon, support healthy gut bacteria, and promote internal cleansing.*

Premium herbs help to flush out unhealthy substances, soothe irritation and aggravation in the gut, and stimulate the body’s natural digestive and detox functions, while digestive enzymes and prebiotics help to optimize metabolism for increased regularity and better nutrient absorption.*

Cleanse Your Gut Naturally

Total Colon Care® Herbal Detox & Cleanse NatureWise
Total Colon Care Herbal Detox Supplement Facts
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 Supports Healthy Digestion*

 Helps Detox the Gut*

 Gut Health

 Includes Prebiotics

Natural Laxative Formula

Helps Cleanse the Gut* 

Promotes Healthy Detoxing* 

Supports Colon Health 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NatureWise Total Colon Care Herbal Detox & Cleanse work to cleanse the colon and promote detoxification?

When bodily waste isn’t being eliminated properly, it can linger in the colon and become increasingly difficult to pass. NatureWise Herbal Detox & Cleanse contains a blend of herbs that work to promote normal waste elimination processes for the removal of toxins from the body.* It also includes fiber from chicory to encourage the absorption of water into the colon and give stool (food waste) the structure it needs for easy excretion.*

Support for normal waste elimination processes promotes the health of all of the organs in the body that work to remove toxins. While Herbal Detox doesn’t contain ingredients that benefit the liver directly, the herbs it includes help to boost the function of all systems by encouraging the removal of bacteria, toxins, and waste accumulation.* By stimulating the digestion, nourishing beneficial gut bacteria, and promoting blood cleansing processes, Herbal Detox provides safe and natural support for optimal wellness.*

Does NatureWise Herbal Detox offer support for liver health and function?

Is Herbal Detox a laxative? Does it encourage weight loss?

NatureWise Herbal Detox contains senna leaf, cascara sagrada, aloe, and turkey rhubarb, all of which encourage gentle laxative effects to promote the elimination of waste without creating a dependency.* Fennel seed and chlorophyll support the release of toxins from the body, with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties for natural cleansing.* Triphala, which is a combination of Ayurvedic medicinal compounds derived from Indian gooseberry, bibhitaki, and haritaki, has been shown in studies to offer weight-loss benefits.*

The ingredients in Herbal Detox that provide gentle laxative effects encourage relief from constipation by enabling the elimination of waste and the absorption of water for easier excretion.* By offering support for normal digestion and elimination processes, Herbal Detox also supports the alleviation of bloating, which is often a result of the buildup of waste in the colon.* Peppermint leaf extract, which acts as a relaxant, may soothe the digestive system and ease discomfort related to gas and indigestion.*

Does Herbal Detox offer relief from constipation and bloating?

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 Natural Laxative Formula

 Helps Cleanse the Gut*

 Promotes Healthy Detoxing*

 Supports Colon Health

Cleanse & Detox the Gut

Antimicrobial herbs help cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of bacteria, mucus, and other toxic buildup.

Our unique formula includes herbs that help cleanse the blood and support the liver to detox the body.

Healthy Detoxing

A blend of premium herbs and fiber gently encourage waste elimination for natural constipation relief.

Safe & Natural Laxative

Supports Healthy Digestion

Herb and fiber blend stimulates digestive juices and supports healthy gut bacteria to improve digestion.

Digestive Comfort
Gut Health

Cleanse & Detox the Gut

Antimicrobial herbs help cleanse the gastrointestinal tract of bacteria, mucus, and other toxic buildup.

Prebiotic Fiber

Targeted Delivery with DRcaps

Clinically proven delayed-release DRcaps deliver active ingredients safely and directly to the colon.

Metabolism Support

Promotes Healthy Detoxing

Our unique formula includes herbs that help cleanse the blood and support the liver to detox the body.

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
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A healthy gut environment is essential for keeping your digestive and detox processes running smoothly. When waste builds up in the colon, it interferes with your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients and eliminate unhealthy toxins. Unreleased toxins and bacteria can recirculate through the bloodstream, compromising your health and vitality.

Naturally Cleansing Fiber & Herbs

Natural Colon Cleansing 

Laxative herbs like aloe vera, senna, and cascara sagrada and bulking fibers like inulin and fennel seed work together to gently clear waste from the colon for healthy elimination.*

Antimicrobials like peppermint and aloe help detox the gut, while turkey rhubarb, fennel, and cascara sagrada help cleanse the blood and boost the liver’s detox functions.*

Detox the Gut & the Body

Prebiotics & Enzymes for Gut Health

Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, colon cleansing can help support weight management by promoting a more efficient metabolism.*

Support Weight Management*

Colon Health & Weight Management
Soothing & Detoxing Herbal Blend

Boost Digestive Health

Turkey rhubarb, fennel, peppermint, and cascara sagrada stimulate liver and stomach secretions for healthy digestion, while inulin fiber supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.*

4.8 Star Average Rating


Wookie Ballard
Verified Buyer
I read the reviews before I purchased and every comment was positive and everyone had a great experience with this product. So I tried it myself and just what I needed and expected! This product works soooooo good I can marry it lol. Plus it’s organic which made me love the product and NatureWise even more! Thank you sooo much NatureWise! Nothing but respect!
Jill Kuchek
Verified Buyer
Totally Works!
This totally works! Being in my 40's, it doesn't take much to become bloated after eating pretty much anything, and I feel like that for days at a time. With these capsules, I no longer feel that way. These are amazing. I finally feel my stomach is flat and I think it helps with a little weight lose as well. I don't feel sluggish with these. I have energy. These are amazing and really do work!!
Nia Brown
Verified Buyer
It definitely works
It flushed me out for days. It was effective.
Teresa Wilson
Verified Buyer
Colon cleanse
I’ve tried many cleanses trying to jump start myself back to regularly and this is the FIRST product that I have purchased that works as advertised. It is a bit strong and I’m still trying to gauge the best times to take it; as taking it 3 times a day keeps me In the bathroom about every 20 minutes. I’m trying to take it mid-day and bedtime. I haven’t noticed any weigh loss but I am seeing a big difference in bowel movements and getting my system cleaned out. I will purchase this again and would recommend it to anyone with chronic constipation.
Tiayna Cedillo
Verified Buyer
When I tell you this product WORKS! Believe me the Bowel movement was definitely not fun at all! Lol I mean it was an experience but afterward I felt great! After only taking one in the morning and for me it took its course at night. So still getting used to when’s the best time to take it but I definitely have already recommended this product to three people already. Amazing!
Melody Aboaf
Verified Buyer
Works great EVERY time. I take 2 pills before bed every night, and every morning I empty completely. It's been a blessing for me. I had bariatric surgery 3 years ago and before Naturewise colon cleanse I was taking a ton of stuff on a daily basis with no relief and a lot of pain.