4 Billion Active Cultures
Easy to Take at Any Age

NatureWise Probiotics for Infants & Kids

Our children’s probiotics are delicious strawberry-flavored chewable tablets that kids love. Plus, parents can easily crush the tablets into powder and mix them with food or formula.

NatureWise Probiotics for Infants & Kids
Helps to encourage microbiome development by introducing 4 billion CFU of “friendly” bacteria to your child’s gastrointestinal tract.*

Aids Comfortable Digestion

Supports a Healthy Gut

Immune System Booster

Supports Comfortable Digestion
Encourages Ongoing Gut Health
Promotes a Robust Immune System

Therefore, the early years of life are highly instrumental in the formation of a robust microbiome that can support children’s digestive and immune systems through childhood and into adulthood.

A Foundation for Life-Long Health

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 Digestive Health

 Healthy Nervous System

 Gut Health

 Easy to Ingest at Any Age

Healthy Gut Bacteria

Immune Support 

Probiotic Support 

Overall Health 

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Get Your 60-Day Supply!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do probiotics support kids’ immune systems?

At birth, babies’ GI tracts are fairly sterile. They begin to develop their own unique gut microbiome through cultures in their mother’s milk and interaction with their environments. Taking a probiotics supplement can encourage that healthy bacteria growth in the GI tract and help restore microbial balance after antibiotic treatment.* A healthy gut microbiome helps to prohibit germs and toxins from lodging in the lining of the intestines and causing serious illness.

L. rhamnosus is associated with better digestive health, which may reduce crying and fussing in infants.* It also promotes healthy inflammation responses.* L. plantarum encourages defense against pathogens and supports the mechanisms that reduce the amount of stress on the immune system.* B. infantis may have positive effects on gas, bloating, and inflammation.* B. lactis generally promotes digestion and immune system functions, and encourages the absorption of vitamins and minerals.*

What are the benefits of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium infantis, and Bifidobacterium lactis?

Is it safe to give probiotics to infants and babies?

Yes! NatureWise Probiotics for Infants & Kids are absolutely safe to give to children at any age, even under one year old. Just crush half of a chewable tablet into a powder and add it to milk or soft food to eliminate the risk of choking. Kids who can handle solid foods will enjoy taking these chewable, strawberry-flavored tablets on their own!

There’s no right time to start giving probiotics to kids. Healthcare professionals often administer specific probiotic strains to preterm infants to encourage the development of their gut microbiomes and immune systems. This may help to minimize the risk of health conditions commonly experienced by babies born prematurely. For healthy babies born at full term, probiotics may support relief from tummy trouble and colic, discourage the development of eczema and allergies, and promote mood regulation.*

At what age should I start giving probiotics to my kids?

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 Healthy Gut Bacteria

 Immune Support

 Probiotic Support

 Overall Health

Certain probiotic strains like B. infantis interact with pro-inflammatory biomarkers, encouraging their reduction and subduing their activity. While inflammation is a natural bodily process that can help the body heal itself from infection and injury, elevated levels of unhealthy bacteria in the GI tract can promote excess inflammatory activity. Taking a probiotic can help to promote the restoration of good bacteria populations, and a balanced microbiome facilitates the return of inflammation responses to normal, beneficial activity levels.126

How do probiotics help to combat unhealthy inflammation?

Delicious Strawberry Flavor

Chew tablets or crush and mix into wet food, formula, and beverages.

Made with clinically researched probiotic strains to boost healthy gut bacteria in kids.*

Clinically Researched

4 billion CFU guaranteed to remain viable, even when stored at room temperature.

4 Billion

Children are born without a well-developed microbiome.

Daily Microbiome Support

NatureWise Probiotics for Infants & Kids helps to encourage microbiome development by introducing 4 billion CFU of “friendly” bacteria to your child’s gastrointestinal tract.* We use four carefully selected strains that support overall health, digestive comfort, and immune function in children.*

Released Over 8–10 Hours

Provides Support for Developing Immune Systems

  • Easy to ingest at any age
  • Colonizes the GI tract to improve healthy bacteria balance*
  • Encourages comfortable digestion*
  • Builds a robust microbiome to support young immune systems*
  • Aids in creating a foundation for life-long health*
Healthy Lifestyle

Our formula uses clinically researched probiotic strains that have been studied in children and infants and shown to survive and colonize in the GI tract, increase healthy gut bacteria, and support digestive and immune health.* Helps to encourage comfortable digestion and the development of a robust immune system.*

We use only the highest quality ingredients for your peace of mind and wellbeing. This product is manufactured in the USA in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility that is audited for quality control by independent organizations including NPA, NSF, and UL.

Development of GI Health

Our gastrointestinal health and digestive microbiome develop over time. When “bad” bacteria outweigh the number of “friendly” bacteria, gastrointestinal distress can occur. Start your children off with four specially selected strains to help populate their gut with healthy bacteria from the very beginning.*

Development of GI Health
Comfortable Digestion

Comfortable Digestion

As children try new foods, they can experience some stomach discomfort, diarrhea, or constipation. Probiotic supplementation may provide support for healthy digestive activity during this time.* As always, it’s important to speak to your child’s doctor to establish specific nutritional and supplemental needs.

Formation of a Strong Immune System

Formation of a Strong Immune System

Microbes found in the intestinal tract can help to regulate the immune system and aid against harmful bacteria that can cause illness. By populating the gut with healthy probiotic bacteria, the human microbiome can receive the support it needs to continue boosting immune function.*

Probiotic Blend for Infants & Kids — Includes four unique strains of probiotic bacteria that can help develop your child’s healthy and robust microbiome: L. rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, B. infantis, and B. lactis.*
Natural Flavorings ­— We use sugar-free, delicious natural strawberry and vanilla flavors to create a probiotic that kids will enjoy taking as part of their daily routine.

Carefully Selected Ingredients for Your Child’s Gut Health

Probiotic Strains

Probiotics can be helpful at all stages of life, but many standard probiotics are made for adults and are not suitable for young children’s delicate digestive systems. Many probiotics also require refrigeration, which can be challenging to achieve when on the go with kids. 

That’s why NatureWise has selected four child-friendly strains and packaged them in a way that guarantees viability at room temperature until the expiration date printed on the bottle.*

Formulated for Growing Bodies

Healthy Gut

No Refrigeration Necessary

Guaranteed to remain viable at room temperature until the expiration date printed on the bottle.*

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Cynthia Tarleton
Verified Buyer
Best probiotic
My daughter loves these probiotic it has regulated her going to the bathroom.
Anesa Alexander
Verified Buyer
Easy to give 3 year old
My 3 year old daughter has no problem eating this. Tastes good & has helped her BM's be softer & more consistently timed. (Lots of constipation issues before!) Great product!
Joyce Snyder
Verified Buyer
Finally a probiotic my kids love
It's hard getting my kids to take vitamins. So when I tried these I wasn't expecting a great response. I was WRONG! They love them and I don't have to fight them to take them.
Maite Crespo
Verified Buyer
The one we’ve used since the beginning
We love this probiotic! We’ve given this to our toddler since she was a baby. We use to crush 1/2 of it up and put it in her milk and finally started giving it the 1/2 to chew when she turned 2. She has tummy issues with dairy and this probiotic has been very helpful. Her big brother and sister like the taste of it too!
Amanda Culbertson
Verified Buyer
Life changing
Life changing