Multi-Strain Formula 
Delivers 15x the Benefits

NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics

Our WiseBiotics® capsule system protects probiotics from harsh stomach acids that can reduce the effectiveness of other probiotic supplements.51

NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics
Contains 30 clinically researched strains of “friendly” bacteria that encourage a healthy gut and comfortable digestion all day long.*

Supports Comfortable Digestion

Encourages Ongoing Gut Health

Promotes a Robust Immune System

Supports Comfortable Digestion
Encourages Ongoing Gut Health
Promotes a Robust Immune System

A comfortable and healthy gut starts with having the right balance of intestinal bacteria.* These “friendly” microbes encourage proper digestion, metabolism, and even immune health.* We’ve packed 30 clinically tested strains into every serving — up to three times more than other leading brands.80 

The WiseBiotics® capsules can withstand harsh stomach acids and get probiotics exactly where they need to be: the intestinal tract. Because NatureWise’s probiotic formula reaches the gut, one WiseBiotics® caplet can deliver 15x the benefits of other probiotics that may degrade before reaching the intestines.*51

Probiotics’ biggest challenge is survivability.

Daily Care Probiotics NatureWise
Daily Care Probiotics Supplement Facts

 Digestive Health

 Healthy Nervous System

 Gut Health

 Includes Prebiotics

Healthy Metabolism

Immune Support 

Probiotic Support 

All-Day Delivery 

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At NatureWise, we’re committed to providing high-quality products that benefit you, using practices that benefit our planet. In everything we do, we want to promote health and inspire well-being. 

This desire shapes our company values and informs our approach to supplement creation. We work tirelessly to grow as both individuals and professionals and make a difference in the world by creating supplements that undergo rigorous independent testing to exceed standards and guarantee purity and quality. 

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Get Your 60-Day Supply!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between probiotics and prebiotics, and why is it important to choose a probiotics supplement that contains both?

Essentially, probiotics are good bacteria obtained from the consumption of food and supplements that boost your gut microbiome and offer a variety of health benefits, like protection against bacteria and germs. Prebiotics are indigestible fiber that good bacteria feeds on and turns into butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that may discourage inflammation in the colon. NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics caplets, which contain both probiotics and prebiotics, provide active strains of beneficial bacteria and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to nourish them for healthy gut microbiota that support regular, comfortable digestion.*

The 100 trillion microorganisms living in the intestines account for more than 75% of the immune system.1 A healthy gut microbiome maintains immunity by controlling inflammation and creating a barrier that prohibits germs and toxins from lodging in the lining of the intestines and causing serious illness. Thriving gut microbiota promote homeostasis to prevent the development of autoimmune disorders. Taking a probiotics supplement can support healthy bacteria growth in the GI tract and help restore a microbial balance after antibiotic treatment.*

Do probiotics improve immunity?

Can probiotics help relieve bloating and promote weight loss?

Healthy gut microbiota maintain digestive processes for regular bowel movements and toxin elimination. They help ensure the proper absorption of nutrients and protect against pathogens. When the balance of good and bad bacteria is upset, these processes are interrupted. Digestion may become uncomfortable and bloating, constipation, and weight gain may occur as the body works harder to perform waste elimination processes. Taking a probiotics supplement can help correct imbalances to restore digestive function to normal and promote a healthy weight.*

The gut plays host to more than 500 different species of bacteria. The two most studied species are Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, usually abbreviated as B. or L. Of these two species, there are six strains that most commonly appear in probiotic foods and supplements because they possess confirmed health benefits. These strains are B. animalis, B. breve, B. lactis, B longum, L. acidophilus, and L. reuteri. NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics caplets contain five of these strains.

Which probiotic strains are the most beneficial?

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 Healthy Metabolism

 Immune Support

 Probiotic Support

 All-Day Delivery

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They aren’t a cure for serious illness, autoimmune disorders, or otherwise compromised immunity, but probiotics can promote the development of a healthy microbiome in infants and children and possibly shorten episodes of diarrhea.2 While unconfirmed, prebiotics have demonstrated a possible ability to lower the severity of atopic eczema. It’s best to choose a probiotics supplement specifically formulated for infants and children — like our NatureWise Probiotics for Infants & Kids!

Can kids take probiotics?


Time-release delivery provides all-day probiotic support.

Includes prebiotics to create a nourishing environment for probiotics to flourish.*


10 billion (as effective as 150 billion) live cultures to support digestive comfort.*


NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics has solved the problem!

All-Day Delivery for Continual Probiotic Support

NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics utilize a time-release system to provide support throughout your busy day. Every capsule gradually releases probiotic bacteria into the digestive tract over eight to 10 hours, ensuring you have digestive support from breakfast through dinner.* 

Released Over 8–10 Hours

Clinically Researched, Multi-Benefit Formula

Our Daily Care probiotic blend supports general digestive needs day in and day out. We’ve combined 30 researched probiotic strains that address common digestive comfort needs and promote whole-body wellness.*81 Plus, we’ve paired these probiotics with natural prebiotic fibers that encourage probiotics to flourish and create a healthy bacterial balance in the gut.*

Healthy Lifestyle

Probiotic formulas can advertise big numbers on the bottle, but what matters is how many of those probiotics get to where they need to be. If a probiotic doesn’t reach the gut, it can’t adequately support digestive processes. We’ve developed a unique WiseBiotics® capsule that can withstand harsh stomach acids, getting beneficial probiotics into your intestines and gradually releasing them all day long.

Like all NatureWise supplements, Daily Care Probiotics is manufactured in the USA at our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facilities. These facilities are regularly audited for quality control by independent organizations including NPA, NSF, and UL.

Digestive Comfort

We carefully selected 30 strains of probiotic bacteria that work together to support comfortable digestion all day long.*

Digestive Comfort
Gut Health

Gut Health

One daily time-release delivers 10 billion CFU directly to the intestines for a happy, healthy gut.*

Prebiotic Fiber

Prebiotic Fiber

FOS prebiotics are indigestible by the body and support regular bowel movements while feeding healthy gut bacteria.*

Metabolism Support

Metabolism Support

Maintaining a good balance of “friendly” gut bacteria not only helps with digestive comfort but can encourage the healthy production of bile acids, which aid in breaking down fats.56

Daily Care Probiotic Blend — 30 clinically researched strains provide 10 billion CFU, delivered right to the gut in a time-release WiseBiotics® capsule. We’ve carefully selected strains based on their ability to provide day-to-day support for digestive, metabolic, and immune performance.*81
Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides ­— Also known as FOS, prebiotic fructooligosaccharides are a natural sugar that feeds bacteria and helps healthy probiotics populate the gut.* FOS is also a source of soluble fiber that encourages healthy waste production and elimination for comfortable regularity.*

Targeted Digestive Blend for Everyday Support

Probiotic Strains

Digestive discomfort shouldn’t slow you down on a day to day basis. NatureWise Daily Care Probiotics provide specially selected strains of healthy bacteria to encourage digestive comfort and function.* Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked meal, splurging on a fancy meal out, or just grabbing a bite on the run, Daily Care has you covered for all-day comfort.*

Support for Everyday Digestion

Healthy Gut

No Refrigeration Necessary

Guaranteed to remain viable at room temperature until the expiration date printed on the bottle.*

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